What Does “Transfeminine Non-binary Mean?”

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For those who are unaware, I produce videos on LGBTQ+ topics and hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which I distribute on my YouTube channel.

For those who don’t have the time or ability to watch, you’ll find the script for the fifth episode of “Ask Addi” below. Since it is a teleprompter script, the format is probably a bit choppier than you’re used to. I’ve included some of the graphics I used in the video, but I left out the intro and end tag where I ask viewers to like and subscribe but feel free to go to YouTube and do so.

Hello Humans! On this episode of Ask Addi, someone asks Addi something about themself, me, Addi, Addison Smith.

I don’t usually answer personal questions on here unless it’s in a DM from a cute age-appropriate woman, but this question actually gives me a chance to address some issues.

Someone who watched the episode on the meaning of gender-neutral but didn’t leave a name, which is fine, asks:

Your response brings up another question “transfeminine non-binary”… Can you speak into what that means to you? I’ve not heard this description but it’s so rich! No-Pseudonym-Provided

Sure, Nope. The reason I took this question is because you asked, “what that means to you?” That’s a particularly important distinction.

Both of these terms are umbrella terms that can also be used as gender labels, so they have a different meaning to different people.

Let’s look at non-binary.

Non-binary means that a person doesn’t have a strong connection to either of the binary genders, man or woman.

That part of their brains, our brains, that codes for gender just doesn’t lock into either of those options.

We’re somewhere in between or maybe off that axis altogether.



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Addison Smith is an LGBTQ+ and disability educator and activist living in the Midwest with their cat. They/She. More info at https://addisonsagenda.com